E-mail Server Upgrade

This month, AdminInternet will be updating their e-mail servers to provide you with better, more reliable e-mail services. These new servers come with a faster processor, more hard drive space, upgraded webmail applications, as well as the potential for you to manage your e-mail address yourself. That means you don't have to call us up when you forget your password or when you need to create a new e-mail account. We originally were planning on going live on December 1st, but we have decided to not go live until December 15th, to give our users enough time to set up their e-mail clients.


What we recommend doing right now is creating two email accounts in your application. One for the current server, and one for the new server. The reason for this is emails will be delivered to the old server until the cut-off date, so if you swapped your settings to the new server now, you would stop receiving email.


Setting up your e-mail client for the new server is a very simple process. Whether you are in Outlook, Windows Live Mail, Thunderbird, or any other e-mail client application, it should only be two fields that you are changing. The following is a very basic guideline to how to update it for any client.


First, open up your account settings/preferences. This should be in the tools tab of your application.


Once in account settings, you should go ahead and create a new account. Copy all of the information from your original account, with the exception of the server name and the password.


You have a couple of options as to what to enter for the new server name. You can either enter “mail.yourURL.here” (example mail.mvms.org) or you can use “admininternet.net”.


For security reasons, all users have been assigned a new password. This new password will be or already has been emailed to your old email account. This is all you should need to connect to the new server.


Once the new system goes live, it is very easy to log in and change your email address to something easier to remember. To do this, you will log in through the webmail system. Which brings us to the next topic.


We have deployed a new webmail system which is easier to use than our previous system. If you use webmail for other aspects of your life, you may have already encountered this system elsewhere. It is called Roundcube, and has a very nice interface and a lot of new options. This system can be accessed by going to admininternet.net/webmail. If you have already received your new password, you can go ahead and log into this new system now and take a look.


If you feel overwhelmed and need some help, or if you have any questions, feel free to email me. I can be reached at jason@adminintenet.net and I am willing to walk you through the process over the phone, or have a GoTo Meeting conference and I will set up your account for you in a couple of minutes.


NOTE: If you are having problems connecting to your old account, use “mail.admininternet.net” as your server name and you should be able to connect to your original email account. The reason for this is because we have already begun preparing our DNS server for the email upgrade.



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